Barbican Roof Panorama and St Giles 

Acrylic on Recycled, reversed palette papers

32.8 x 87.3 x 4 (Double framed with anti-reflective glass so the reverse image - third image - can be viewed). 

This painting is one of two recently exhibited at Bankside Gallery for the Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Art Competition. I was awarded the Cass Art Solo Show award for my contribution to the exhibition. The triptych featured above demonstrates my process of palimpsest work: the first image is the front of the painting; the second middle image shows the viewer what the painting looks like when held up to the light and the third image reveals the reverse of the painting which is carefully preserved for viewing by double framing. 
Exhibitions and Awards
I am primarily a mixed media artist. I am largely self-taught apart from the continuing mentorship of Swedish artist Ake Arnedal whose open studio I attended at the Hampstead School of Art. I attended evening classes there on a part-time basis for years and more recently a printing course at City Lit Print Studio. I have worked full-time since moving to the Barbican Estate in 2014 exploring the creativity of my brutal urban landscape. 
In 2017, I entered - for the first time – and my first art competition - the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. My mixed media artwork “Frobisher Crescent” was exhibited and sold on opening night. I have exhibited in seven further exhibitions between 2018-2019 (see below). 
In 2019, two of my works were recently selected and exhibited at The Royal Watercolour Contemporary Art show at Bankside Gallery, London where I was the winner of the Cass Art Solo Show Award. 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017 (one mixed media painting sold on opening night)
Candid Art Gallery Mixed Media Exhibition (six mixed media works selected) April 2018 
Brick Lane Gallery “Art in Mind” (13 mixed media works) May-June 2018 
Brick Lane Gallery (five canvas paintings) July-August 2018
Old Print Works, Birmingham exhibition entitled “Home” (four mixed media paintings selected) July-August 2018
The Old Biscuit Factory, South Bermondsey “Alpha Theta” February 2019
Parallellax Fair (February 2019 – 8 mixed media paintings and 10 etchings)
Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bankside Gallery (March 2019)

Forthcoming Shows
Solo show Barbican Library Art Gallery (October 2-26th 2019)
Solo Show Cass Art Flagship Store, Islington (date TBC)

March 2019: Cass Art Solo Show Prize awarded by The Royal Watercolour Society, Bankside Gallery, London
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